Over the last 3 decades, the yarn production has gone through a drastic change in terms of productivity and quality aided by infusion of technology by the machinery manufacturers.This necessitated a need to increase the ginning output and related activities. Being largely in unorganized sector, the modernization has not caught up in this segment. This has resulted in cotton with more contaminations in the bales. This has adversely impacted the spinning process and the yarn quality in terms of contaminations / kg of yarn or fabrics. The demands of the end users for elegance in the fabrics, without defects, has made weaving and spinning mills to address the problem at the initial manufacturing stage itself.The spinning mills were faced with the challenge of removing the contamination at the ‘Blowroom’ by employing more manual segregation or rely on imported contamination cleaning machines, which is not affordable to all due to the cost economics. There were some Indian players in this field, however, their performance was far away from the international standards. Some of the reputed spinning mill managements had asked us to study this challenge and come with a possible better solution. Our research team had understood the situation and saw an opportunity to create value for the customers. A thorough study of various types of contaminations in cotton were done and as a result we launched our first machine in 2010. With various inputs from the spinning mills, we were able to evolve our product to address their needs beyond their expectations, and at the same time narrow down the gap with the International players. All our models are designed to meet the specific requirements of the customers in each segment and have been successful in the market.We are pleased to share the fact that in about 10 years, we have reached a stage where our technical abilities in understanding and executing have matched beyond international standards. People started considering us at par with other International players. Our research in the field of pure cotton empowered us to launch ‘i-Scan pico’ in 2019, that has exceeded all global standards of performance. Our continuous learning applied in research and customer interaction helped us position us as a reliable solution provider for pure cotton rather than just a machinery supplier.

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